President Obama Gives Demaryius Thomas’ Family A Double Dose Of Second Chances

Obama has commuted the sentences of 562 federal inmates and two of those inmates were people very dear to the heart of Denver Broncos' Demaryius Thomas.


NEXT: Sir the Baptist Is More Than Just A Preacher’s Kid

Open your eyes and ears to the honesty of his music.


Stream Olive White’s ‘Remember When I Met You’ Album

Brandon Hines and producer Justin Pommer dropped a new album.

Music News

Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Is Coming And It’s Lit

Tyler, the Creator has the fall looking good already.


PARTYNEXTDOOR Slows The Tempo Down On “Don’t Do It For You No More”

PARTY touches down with a new song to close out the work week.


Snapchat Demonstrates A1 Pettiness With New Frank Ocean Filters

Chill was a thing of the past. It really was...


Son Of Korryn Gaines Recounts The Fatal Shooting Of His Mother

Kodi Gaines was shot in the arm during his mother's standoff with police on Monday (August 1).


Barack Obama Says Sexism Is A Concern Regardless Off Gender

"When you’re the father of two daughters, you become even more aware of how gender stereotypes pervade our society."


Officers Who Shot Ezell Ford Are Now Suing The Police Department

The LAPD has a lawsuit on their hands from their very own.


George Zimmerman Was Punched In The Face For Reportedly Bragging About Killing Trayvon Martin

Witnesses claimed Zimmerman introduced himself as the man that killed the unarmed 17-year-old.


Barack Obama Commuted The Sentences Of 214 Inmates

"The more we understand the human stories behind this problem, the sooner we can start making real changes."


Dylann Storm Roof Was Assaulted In Prison By A Fellow Inmate

While heading toward the shower, an inmate, 25 year old Dwayne Stafford, ran from an unlocked cell and attacked Dylann Storm Roof.


55 Reasons Why President Barack Obama Deserves To Turn Up For His Birthday

President Obama has plenty of huge moments to turn up for his big 55th.

Movies & TV

Disgruntled ‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Want Critic Site Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down

'Suicide Squad' is dividing die hard DC comic fans and ardent movie critics over at Rotten Tomatoes.
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