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Trap Thursday: Hottest Trap Music Of The Week

1. Up until this point you may have been unfamiliar with Massapeals but after one listen, you’ll be hooked. This hype, up beat twerk/trap/glitch fusio…


Party Playlist: 10 Songs To Hit the Shmoney Dance To

ICYMI, Bobby Shmurda’s shmoney dance has taken over. Celebs like Chris Brown, Justin  Bieber and even Beyonce have taken notice and taken a moment…


Entertainment Company Files $50K Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj

While Nicki Minaj continues her promotional run for her forthcoming bootylicious single "Anaconda," the Queens native was issued a $50,000 lawsuit by an entertainment company.


13 Colorful Pieces to Brighten Your Home

Bored of your beige apartment but have no time to reach for the paint? Luckily it doesn’t take that much effort to add a…


Can You Guess America’s Best-Selling Lipstick?

There's nothing sexier than a red lip. It's the one item that every woman should have in their makeup arsenal. Coincidentally America…


Tracklisting: Jhene Aiko ‘Souled Out’

 Unlike her previous offering, the Sail Out EP, Jhene Aiko is keeping features to a bare minimum, which allows the spotlight to shine on solely her.


North West Steals The Spotlight on CR Fashion Book Fall Issue [PHOTO]

Following in the footsteps of her mother and father, baby North West loves the camera and designer duds. Nori is no stranger to the…


Have Several Seats: Fox News Correspondent Tells First Lady to ‘Drop A Few’ Pounds

Someone please escort this wayward soul to the nearest stadium so he can have several seats! Fox News Contributor (you know it had…


J.Dilla’s Production Equipment To Be Inducted Into The Smithsonian

J.Dilla's impact on hip-hop cannot be explained. So when the producer died in 2006 from Lupus, fans wanted more from the Detroit native, and now…