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J.Dilla’s Production Equipment To Be Inducted Into The Smithsonian

J.Dilla's impact on hip-hop cannot be explained. So when the producer died in 2006 from Lupus, fans wanted more from the Detroit native, and now…


DJ Khaled Chops It Up With Larry King

Woulda look at that.


Kanye West’s Gives DJ Million Dollar Mano The Boot…Well Kinda

Today in unemployment news, Kanye West's DJ, DJ Million Dollar Mano, took to Twitter to announce he's no longer working with the Chicago emcee. gonna…


Have Several Seats: Fox News Correspondent Tells First Lady To ‘Drop A Few’ Pounds

Someone please escort this wayward soul to the nearest stadium so he can have several seats!


Cake! Cake! Cake! J.Lo Bares Her Bum For ‘Booty’ Cover Art

Let's just start off this post by reminding all you millenials, Ms. Lopez is 45 years old!


Gilbert Arenas Criticizes Al Sharpton, Calls HIM A ‘THOT’

There is a time and a place for everything.


Opinion: Diplo’s ‘Kandi’ Ban Is A Mad Decent Move

For some ridiculous reason, Diplo is under fire for the banning of “kandi” at Mad Decent's Block Parties in response to the injuries and tragic…