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Diddy Calls Out President Obama On Ferguson: ‘These Are Your People’

Ferguson, Missouri is in dire need of an intervention. As the standoff between the towns civilians and its arguably corrupt police force gets tenser, those…

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Put A Ring On It: Kevin Hart Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Someone pass the Kleenex. My heart can't take all this love!


Teens Develop App To Monitor Police Brutality

Emotions and tensions are consistently at a boiling point in Ferguson, Mo., due to the shooting death of unarmed teen Mike Brown. Since the Aug.


Maxwell Enlists Erykah Badu, Robert Glasper And More For Romantic 2015 Cruise

If you and the boo aren't seeing eye to eye, just throw on some Maxwell and without a doubt, all will be well. It doesn't…


Autopsy Reveals Mike Brown Was Shot At Least Six Times

A preliminary autopsy report for Mike Brown, the unarmed 18 year old teenager who was shot by St. Louis police, concludes he was shot at…


Parent Television Council Warns MTV VMAs To Be Easy This Year

Tim Winter, president of the conservative watchdog group Parent Television Council, wrote a letter to Janet Borelli, senor vp standards and practices at MTV Networks/Viacom…


Jesse Williams Calls Out Media For Biased Reporting In Mike Brown Death

As protest in Ferguson, Missouri wage on in the wake of the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown, many have spoken out in support…


President Obama On Ferguson: ‘No Excuse For Excessive Force By Police’

President Barack Obama returned to the White House after a rough vacation week in Martha's Vineyard on Monday (Aug. 18) and the fatigue was evident…