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New Music: Drake Jumps On ILOVEMAKONNEN’s ‘Tuesday (Remix)’

Drizzy Drake's musical choices have never been predictable. Last night, while most of us slept, the prince of the 6 unleashed his remix of ILOVEMAKONNEN's…


Funniest #MakeupTransformation Memes

Many celebrities have been accused of having work done on their face when they really just contour. Contouring defines your face and slims it…


7 Reasons Kanye West is One Big Contradiction

  Kanye West may not have cutely-called cult like Rih or Bey, but his fans are just as loyal as a hardcore Hive or Army-member. We’ve…


Plastic Surgery-Loving Stars Who Could be Immortalized as Plastic Dolls

Brazilian model Celso Santebanes has had four major cosmetic surgeries—on his jaw, chin, and nose and silicone implants in his chest—all in a bid to…


VIBE Vixen of the Day: Rebekah Rossman

Name: Rebekah Rossman Age: 20 Location: Hampton, VA Occupation: Model Style: Southern Belle Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Crest Whitestrips Inspired By: Jhene…


Vixen Boombox: Ariana Grande and Big Sean “Best Mistake”

Via VIBE: These two! How can you not love them? Following their uber cute hit “Right There” Ariana Grande and Big Sean team up once…


Celebrities React to Robin Williams Death

Via VIBE: Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams has died. He was 63. Williams, who was most famous for roles such as Mrs. Doubtfire…


New Music: Ariana Grande Feat. Big Sean ‘Best Mistake’

These two! How can you not love them?