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Prodigy’s Pain And Violent Lyrics Spoke On Behalf Of My Friends

Prodigy resonated with those from a tough upbringing down in Mississippi.


Chicago Native To Donate Narrative Of #BlackBoyJoy To Public Schools

#BlackBoyJoy gifted in the form of prose? We'll take it.


Premiere: Brooklyn Trio Symplicity Shut Down Their Exes In “Don’t Hate” (Video)

Brooklyn R&B trio Sympilicity keeps it real when they block their ex-baes in the official "Don't Hate" video.

Music News

A Snapchat Of Trey Songz Saying “F**k The Police” Will Be Used In His Cop Assault Case

A circuit court judge allowed the video into evidence. Songz is charged with one count of assaulting a cop.


Ro Ransom And Jazz Cartier Have A Unique Definition Of The “Prettiest”

Ro Ransom connects with Canada's Jazz Cartier for an infectious single.

Movies & TV

‘All Eyez On Me’s’ Success Bodes Well For Other Tupac Projects

The biopic's $27 million opening weekend is a positive sign for other productions about the late rapper that are currently in the works.


Tory Lanez And Dave East Serve Up A New Shipment Of “Loud Pack”

Tory Lanez and Dave East like their smoke potent and their women curvy.

Music News

Daddy Daycare: Jay-Z Delays Tour Until Fall Due To Newborn Twins

This will be Hov's first tour since 2014.


NFL Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp Plans To Donate His Brain To Concussion Foundation

Sapp shared that he will donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation following his passing.


From The Vault: Prodigy ‘H.N.I.C’ Album Review (December 2000)

As long as Prodigy is rapping, the bridge ain't over.


After Calling A Black Employee ‘Obama,’ CBS Radio Faces A Lawsuit

Get Out semi-predicted this, though.


Uber CEO Resigns After Shareholders Demand Change In Leadership

Travis Kalanick reportedly stepped down as CEO amid a series of racist allegations made against the car service.
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