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Rome Fortune Fumbles Through The Desert In His “Blicka Blicka” Video

Rome Fortune sheds his colorful bread after a life-changing journey through the desert in his "Blicka Blicka" video.


Too Cool: The Internet Was Loving Obama’s Casual Vacation Attire

This is a God dream, this is everything.


Subway Rapper Freestyles About Trump In New Viral Video

No, Trump, YOU'RE fired.


Migos Is Interested In Joining Lady Gaga During Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

"We ain't tryna take Lady Gaga off, we just wanna slide in first real quick. Let us get in there."


Florida Pastor Flees House Naked After Being Caught Cheating

The pastor was recorded apologizing to the congregation for adultry.

Movies & TV

Tamron Hall Announces Departure From NBC And MSNBC

Al Roker's 'Today' co-host chose not to renew her contract.


Homosexuality & Civil Rights Intertwined At Sundance With ‘Bayard & Me’

The 'Super Deluxe' film focuses on homosexuality in the civil rights movement.


La La Anthony Goes Behind The Scenes In New Partnership With ITV America

The media maven is already working on a hip-hop docuseries with Timbaland.


Marissa Alexander Is Now Free From House Arrest After Being Exempt From “Stand Your Ground” Law

Alexander is now a free woman and devoting her time to advocating for domestic violence and inequity in the justice system through her non-profit organization.


Gabrielle Union Plans To Step Into The World Of Hair-Care

Gabrielle Union continues to grow her empire, and next up on her areas of business includes the world of hair care.


Teen Claps Back At Donald Trump With Weekly List Of Immigrant Achievements

"Undocumented immigrants pay taxes, they contribute to our economy, and they work everyday to make this country great."
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