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Harvard Business School Does Case Study On Beyonce’s Visual Album

When Beyonce decided to release her fifth studio self-titled album on Dec. 13, 2013, I'm almost certain she had no idea Harvard Business School would…


Will We Be Hearing A New Kanye West Album In The Near Future?

It looks like Kanye's newest album is done. Now all that has left to be decided is when the record will be released.

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15 Twitter Reactions To ‘Scandal’ And ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Fans of Shonda Rhimes have been salivating at the mouth, waiting eagerly for Thursday night. Particularly, "Scandal" and the new kid on the block "How…

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Watch 11-year-old Taylor Hatala Kill Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Choreography

Leave it up to 11-year-old Taylor Hatala to help you get your life! This firecracker of a dancer put on one hell of show while…


Tiara Thomas Takes Us Behind The Scenes For Her New Video ‘One Night’

Tiara Thomas doesn’t want you to buy her fancy clothes, or expensive jewlery. All the singer-songwriter really wants is one night and then she ca…


Funniest #HowtoGetAwayWithMurder Tweets + Reviews

If you aren't aware by now, Shonda Rhimes owns Thursdays o…


Beyonce’s Publicist Talks Destiny’s Child’s Early Days

Before Destiny's Child became one of the biggest girl group's of all time, they were just four girls from Houston with thick accents eager to…

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Columbus Short Teams Up With Kris Kelli And Skinny On New Single ‘Gladiator’

We’re going to need Pope and Associates to come and fix Columbus Short's post Scandal life.


Funniest Memes About #ScandalThursday

After months of waiting to find out what happened with…


Interview: ‘Try Me’ Rapper/Singer Dej Loaf Might Not Be Who You Think She Is

Meet the creator of the trigger-happy hit "Try Me," who captured our heart (and Drake's) by threatening to put a bullet through it When rapper…