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J.Lo Is The One To Thank For Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’

Not everyone is in agreement with the adoration of Kanye West's wife's lady lumps.


Ron Browz And Tony Yayo Get With Real Chicks On ‘Handle It’

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Machine Gun Kelly’s Bad Boy Rep Shines In ‘Beyond The Lights’

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Nate Parker Goes Above And Beyond In ‘Beyond The Lights’

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Shaq Found The Real Nude Mag Cover That’ll ‘Break The Internet’

Whether or not Kim Kardashian's Krispy Kreme-glazed posterior broke the internet is debatable, but we do know that Shaquille O'Neal has found a cover star…


20 Years Of ‘CrazySexyCool’: TLC’s Most Tweetable Lines

The best lines to tweet from TLC's CrazySexyCool "So I creep, yeah, just keep it on the down low"—"Creep" "You just wanna know if you…


Floyd Mayweather REALLY Wants You To Know He’s Rich

Certain ways of the world simply cannot be altered. Birds are going to fly, fish are going to swim, and Floyd Mayweather is going to…