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Rumor Mill: Mike Tyson And Naomi Campbell Were Involved In A Quickie?

Here’s something that managed to fly over all of our heads: Mike Tyson and Naomi Campbell allegedly had a quickie in the bathroom.


4th Graders Plotted to Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

What was the worst thing you did in elementary school? Steal glue sticks? Pull the fire alarm? Pull your neighbors hair? That’s child’s play…


If You’re Ever In Iran, Don’t Expect To Hear Much Rap Music

Going to live concerts might by a common music lover's pastimes, but pretty soon it won't be an option for Iranian rap fans. According to…


Not So Fast: Monster Sues Dr. Dre Over Beats Headphones

Don’t cash that check just yet. Audio equipment maker Monster is suing Dr. Dre for allegedly stealing the idea for Beats Headphones and doing…


Roll Cameras: Celebrities Who Had Their Own Reality Show

Other than social media, reality shows is the go-to platform celebrities use to connect with their fans, allowing fans an up-close and personal look into…


Another One Bites the Dust: J.Cole Proposes to College Sweetheart, Melissa Heholt

J. Cole pretty much keeps his private life under the radar. But his love life with college sweetheart Melissa Heholt is something he doesn’t kee…


NAACP Bombing Heightens Racial Tensions

NAACP logo A bomb exploded outside of the NAACP offices in Colorado on Tuesday morning, but didn’t make headlines until late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. Though…


Jesse Williams’ Tweets That Made Us Love Him (Even More)

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams is one of the many reasons, besides the shows, we tune in to TGIT (which comes back January 29th).


Kevin Gates Is Having Sex With His Cousin (There Is No Typo In This Headline)

In today's edition of "You Can't Be Serious" news, New Orleans rapper Kevin Gates announced he's dating and having sex (wait for it)....with his cousin!
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