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Did Travis Scott Respond To Claims Of Delaying Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Album?

The Houston native is reportedly dispelling these rumors.


Discrimination, Violence & Death: The Reality For Transgender Women Of Color In 2015

2015 marked a big year for the trans community, but as they gained more recognition, its most vulnerable members faced persecution.   The sun…


From Boxer To Businessman: Hollywood Hino Shares His Inspiring Journey

The former pro-boxer sits down with Mike Muse for a video series brought to you by President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative featuring budding entrepreneurs.


Meek Mill Mandated To Perform Community Service On New Year’s Eve

The rapper won't be able to perform at a Las Vegas New Year's performance with Nicki Minaj.


The People’s Champ: The Rock Plans To Enter The Ring Again At ‘Wrestlemania 32′

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is cooking up something that smells delightful.


This Woman Pointed A Fake Gun At Police, And Will Live To Tell The Story

Ahead of the Tamir Rice non-indictment, a woman in Connecticut pointed a fake gun at police and was taken into custody.


Latinas Who Will Kick Ass In 2016

Who will dominate in 2016? Let us fill you in.


Following Gunshot Wound, King Louie Talks With CNN On Chicago’s Gun Violence

Still in recovery mode, the Chi-town native appeared on CNN to share his thoughts on the rampant gun violence that's plaguing the Windy City.


Cal Scruby Channels ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ In His New Video ‘Ain’t Sh-T Change’

Word to the Wise: Cal Scruby can not only rap, but he can ball too!


’90s FreakNik’ Documentary Recounts The Legendary Spring Break Event

The annual weekend event, which soon became the stuff of legend, drew attendees from across the country where fun, camaraderie and debauchery all went down.

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Chance The Rapper Helps Raise $60,000 For Chicago’s Homeless In 10 Ten Days

This guys has totally won the Aweome Human of The Year Award.
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