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Stacey Dash Makes Awkward Appearance At The Oscars Leaving Many Bewildered

Stacey Dash appearing at the Oscar as the Academy's new director of diversity proved more awkward than funny for most in the audience and online.


Watch Ava DuVernay, Ryan Coogler And More Gather For #JusticeForFlint

Film directors Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay teamed up to organize a star-studded event to help those effected by the Flint water crisis.


17-Year-Old Salt Lake City Teenager Shot While Wielding A Broomstick, Protests Erupt

As Salt Lake City police withhold information, the family identifies the victim.


#RichPeopleProblems: The Game Protests A $250 Steak At A Restaurant

Who says a rich rapper can’t be frugal?


Even Stephen Curry’s Fellow NBA Players Couldn’t Believe His Performance Last Night

It may be time to just accept that Stephen Curry is not one of us.


Ryan Coogler To Direct TV Series Over Effects Of Institutionalization

Minors focus on the affects the youth face growing up in the system.


Ciara Reschedules “Jackie” Tour To Focus On Forthcoming Album

"I'm currently in the process of making the best album of my career!"


Steph Curry Finds Criticism From Retired NBA Players “Annoying”

Steph Curry thinks it's "weird" to see NBA legends "come at him" in interviews.


Melissa Harris-Perry “Unlikely” To Return To Show After Conflicts With MSNBC

Harris-Perry doesn't want to be a "token, mammy or little brown bobble head" to MSNBC.


Government Officials Green-Light $30 Million Plan To Aid Flint Residents’ Water Bills

Flint, Michigan residents are receiving aid to alleviate the water crisis strain.


Pop Life Podcast Discuss Powerful Episode Of ‘Black-ish’ & More In Entertainment

This week's podcast gathering sang praises to ABC's hit program, 'Black-ish.'
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