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What Needs to Happen After Eric Garner

What seemed to be a familiar phrase, “No indictment for officer (fill in the blank),” no longer has a familiar response in the streets across…


Azealia Banks Vents About White Hip Hop Artists Being Mute On Black Issues

The recent decision not to indict the police officers responsible for the shooting and choking deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, respectively, has got…


Nicki Minaj’s Child Would’ve Been 16 Had She Kept it in ‘All Things Go’

With two more weeks until The Pinkprint drops, Nicki Minaj shows her fans how vulnerable and personal she with “All Things Go.” Written by Ester Dean, the…


Iggy Azalea Fires Back At Her Black Culture Apathy Critics

Yesterday was an emotionally charged one for the hip hop community. Shortly after New York City announced that the police officer responsible for the death…


Alicia Keys Calls for Peace and Love ‘We Gotta Pray’

In the wake of the no indictment ruling over the death of Michael Brawn and Eric Garner, Alicia Keys is using her voice to promote…


Alicia Keys Uplifts America With ‘We Gotta Pray’

In a time when America needs some upliftment, Alicia Keys urges her fans to keep the faith and continue on a righteous path in life.
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