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New Music: David Banner ‘Evil Knievil’

Lately David Banner has been using his voice to publicly discuss race matters in America on major outlets like CNN and BET. Following up hi…


New Music: Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex) Feat. 2 Chainz “Febreze”

Using BBC Radio 1 to promote new tunes and his Diplo & Friends mix, the producer shared a collaboration between himslf, EDM master Skrillex and…


Kanye West Can Afford To Turn Down A $4.5M Las Vegas Residency

It ain’t nothin’ to cut that Vegas residency off – if you’re Kanye West.


Sam Smith: How A Brit Ruled Soul Music (Again)

Sam Smith will own the Grammys. Quote us. The blue-eyed singer is 2014’s soul controller. Deal with it. While resting in his Cambridge hometown, UK’…


Janay Rice Doesn’t Think Her ‘Suffering’ Should Be A Halloween Costume

Halloween always brings out creative and interesting costumes, but when you’re Janay Rice, you don’t care and you want it to stop. The costume du…


Vixen Vent: Jada Talks Tupac Again

Confession: I have a best friend that’s a guy. Back when my partner and I started dating in 2004, I made him aware of…


Beyonce’s Love For Topshop Leads To A Collaboration Because… Duh

Silly us, thinking Beyonce’s love for Topshop wouldn’t lead to some coins… Beyonce has just announced a new collaboration with the UK retailer. Teaming u…


Photo of the Day: The Most Perfect Jay Z and Beyonce Halloween Costume

Every year since Jay Z and Beyonce became music’s “it” couple, we have seen an influx of Halloween costumes trying to portray either one…


New Music: Murda Mook Warns Drake On ‘6 God (Freestyle)’

Can't young rappers just share some friendly shit talking anymore?
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