2013 Grammys


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From The VIBE Guides: Spots Where Miguel and Kelly Clarkson Can Get To Know Each Other

While Kelly Clarkson may not know "who the hell Miguel is" it didn’t stop her from giving him props for his Grammy performance. Despite Kelly’s…


2013 Grammys: Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Perform “Suit & Tie”/”Pusher Lover Girl” (Video)

JT & Hov by yardie4lifever2 Justin Timberlake makes his grand return to the stage, performing his current hit "Suit & Tie"—with some help from Jay-Z—followed…


2013 Grammys: Ed Sheeran and Elton John Pair Up For “A Team” Performance (Video)

Leader of the A Team Ed Sheeran pairs up with his biggest fan Elton John for a special performance of the Grammy-nominated cut, a collaboration…


The Best Grammy Winner Reactions On Twitter

Forget an impromptu blab fest or a long-winded praise list on scraggly looseleaf paper. The Grammys rolled out some of the winners a little…


Frank Ocean Going To Shanghai Post-Grammys?

In a lengthy New York Times Magazine profile, Frank Ocean remains as enigmatic as ever, but we do get a glimpse into his eccentric mind.