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The ‘Scarface’ Remake May Be Directed By Pablo Larraín

The director of the Oscar-nominated No, Chilean Pablo Larrain, is in talks to helm the Universal remake of Scarface. But will it happen?


Al Pacino To Play Joe Paterno Role In New Film

Al Pacino's newest gig may turn out to be the most controversial.

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The Hobbit & Stand Up Guys Hit Theaters Today

Gear up for a special weekend at the movies because Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" hits theaters today, along with the "Stand Up Guys" which stars…

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Mickey Munday Is The Last “Cocaine Cowboy” Left Alive

It looks to be an end of an era for Mickey Munday, as Griselda Blanco joined her fellow Cocaine Cowboys in the afterlife.

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Sundance 2011: Tracy Morgan & Al Pacino Star in ‘Son Of No One’ Trailer [VIDEO]

Tracy Morgan puts the funny on  hold for the serious cop ensemble drama Son of No One starring Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Ray Liotta and…


For The Love Of Money: The 10 Biggest Celebrity Sellout Moves

Say hello to my little... cup of coffee? Apparently, the recession has been hitting everyone's pockets pretty hard. For the first time ever, Al Pacino—hip-hop's…