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Art of VIBE: Set Free Gives A Tour Of The Compound

Set Free, founder of New York City design/music studio The Compound, gives a tour of the creative space "where all the dreams come true."


Art of VIBE: Street Artist Ders Adds Color To Shoreditch

London-based street artist Ders is known for mixing bright colors and his smooth lines with his unique tags. A founding member of the highly…


Art of VIBE: Rene Turrek’s Clean Lines Defined By His German Roots

German-born Rene Turrek was tagging up a wall in Miami's Wynwood Wall district with his "illegal" street name WEST when VIBE ran into him…


Art of VIBE: Painter John Park Protects Originality Through His Complex Process

For Los Angeles-based artist John Park sculpting comes easy, but it's painting that's the real challenge. "I think it's why I like it," Park…