From The VIBE Vault: ‘Muhammad Ali: The Greatest’

VIBE looks back at an Ali article from our archives.


Marissa Alexander Freed From 20-Year Prison Sentence

Marissa Alexander, the mother of three, who was sentenced to an outrageous 20 years in prison for simply firing a warning shot to…


Opinion: Should Chris Brown Take a Break?

Dude can’t be this utterly clueless. That’s the first thought that popped in my head as I tried to make sense of Chris Brown’s latest…


3 Social Media Pet Peeves

We live in a day and time where most of us live our lives on the internet, more specifically we live our lives via social…


Your Genes vs. Your Jeans

You spot them across a crowded sales floor, or maybe a congested thrift store rack. Denim works of art. The perfect pair of jeans, if…


Beauty Habits That Must Die Now!

Old habits die hard and bad habits must die immediately especially when it comes to beauty. We have come up with a list of the…


The Art of Jewelry Accessorizing

We all know someone who never fails to over-accessorize; the one who wears the gargantuan hoop earrings, a flashy necklace, a million and two bangles,…


Click, Oops! My Bad!

We now live in an age where, at the click of a button, we can literally change our lives for better or for worse. We…


Things I’ll Never, Ever Do in a Relationship Again

Denial, devastation, self-doubt. They’re three of the stages of recovery from the imploding of a relationship. Not the kind when you finally cut ties with…


Black Folks Can Be So Embarrassing At Times

My, how I love my people and all of the idiosyncrasies of our Blackness. I do. But that doesn’t mean that every once in a…
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