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Zoe Saldana Signs On for Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Are you ready to return to Pandora?


It’s Official: Zoe Saldana Signs On for Three ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Are you ready to return to Pandora? E! Online reports the stars of Avatar, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, are officially on board…

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‘Avatar’ Sequels Will Be ‘Like Godfather’ Says James Cameron

The Avatar sequels are currently trucking along now that James Cameron has hired a team of writers to churn out the second, third and fourth…

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James Cameron Promises Stephen Lang Will Be Back For ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Stephen Lang played the tough-as-old-steel-boots antagonist in the first film, but if you saw Avatar you wouldn't think he'd be back. Guess again.

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Director James Cameron Announces “Avatar” Prequel

Sigourney Weaver made hoopla waves when she announced that director James Cameron plans to shoot three Avatar sequels as a single massive undertaking. However, most…


Social Beauty: What Does Your Avatar Really Say About You?

From Coco & Creme--Whether you want to believe it or not, people are making their perception of you based off your Facebook profile picture…


The Goods: The World’s First Paperless Movie Tickets

Avatar was a good movie—unless, of course, you waited until the last second to get to the movie theater and ended up with a seat in…


The Goods: Hollywood Green-lights Three 3-D Blockbusters

Clearly, Avatar was onto something. Aside from being critically-acclaimed for its plot, the adventure-action flick also became the highest-grossing movie of all-time by incorporating 3-D…
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