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Morehouse Flips Presidents’ Day To ‘Obama Day’

The former commander in chief was also named the 12th best president by historians Monday (Feb. 20).


Goals: Here Are 14 Of Barack & Michelle Obama’s Cutest Moments

When it comes to love, no one presents it better than Barack and Michelle Obama.


Barack and Michelle Obama Are Looking For Interns

Giving serious thought to quitting your full time job with benefits? Yeah, so are we.


Drake Shares Moment He Met Barack Obama: ‘We Miss Ya G’

Malia Obama was also present and happy to be there.


Drug Dealer Who Had His Life Sentence Commuted By Obama Is Back In Jail

Sometimes second chances don't work out.


Barack Obama’s Vacation Pics Will Brighten Your Life

The former president learned how to kitesurf with pal and billionaire Richard Branson.


Top Model: Chance The Rapper Plays Mannequin For New “Thank You Obama” Collection

These pieces will have you experiencing all the post-presidency feels.


Too Cool: The Internet Was Loving Obama’s Casual Vacation Attire

This is a God dream, this is everything.


Meet ImeIme A. Umana, The First Black Woman Elected President Of The Harvard Law Review

Kicking off Black History Month real proper like...


Donald Trump Holds Record For Least Popular President

Where's Kellyanne Conway with the alternative facts to dispute this.
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