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Forbes’ ‘Richest Self-Made Women’ List Features 8 Women Of Color

Beautiful women of color who are making power moves and stacking paper.


Oprah And Beyoncé Snag Top Spots On Forbes’ ‘World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’

"Getting money, divas gettin' money. If you ain't gettin' money, then you ain't got nothing fo' me"


#WCW: Tina Knowles Most Gorgeous Looks

All hail the Queen, Celestine Ann Knowles, lovingly known as "Mama Tina" or Tina Knowles. The House of Dereon fashion designer effortlessly slays chicks half…


In Case You Didn’t Know About Beyonce Knowles’ Life, A Biography Will Be Released In 2015

Via VIBE: In the event you weren't well versed on the phenom that is Beyonce Knowles, publisher Grand Central Books has…


In Case You Didn’t Know About Beyonce’s Life, A Biography Will Be Released In 2015

In the event you weren't well versed on the phenom that is Beyonce Knowles, publisher Grand Central Books has announced a comprehensive biography on the…


Watch: Beyoncé Kicks Off U.S. Tour At BET Experience Festival

Beyoncé brought her Mrs. Carter Show stateside, kicking off the U.S. leg of her tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Friday night (June…


Hackers Release Financial Records For Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton

According to the documents hosted on, America's finest had their financial records, social security and property exposed on the World Wide Web.

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Out Of Tune: The 9 Worst Music Biopic Castings Ever

If you're a wee bit sensitive about your beloved music icons, we here at VIBE understand and take news. The news about 23-year-old New York…

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Was Robert De Niro Right In Calling Jay-Z ‘Rude’?!

Tribeca neighbors, Robert De Niro and Jay-Z allegedly had a heated verbal exchange at a recent birthday party for Leonardo DiCaprio. Details after the break.


Editor of the Day: Trina Braxton’s Favorite Sisterly Bonds

The Braxtons Simply because, our sisterhood and our bond is very unconditional. Our Mother raised us to be a unit at all times…

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Beyonce College Course Coming To A University Near You

It's official, Beyoncé Knowles needs to be crowned as queen or something, well maybe that's a bit extreme but Rutgers reports that the superstar is…


Beyonce Lands Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar UK + Shoots Video For ‘Party’

Superstar Beyoncé Knowles is no stranger to being on the cover of high fashion magazines, so it's no surprise that she'll grace the cover for the latest issue of…


Beyonce Reveals New Advertising For Heat Rush Fragrance

Beyonce Knowles has released new promo pics and video of new fragrance, Heat Rush. Here is a look behind the scenes of the smelling session…


Gwen Stefani Becomes The New Face Of L’Oreal Paris

Gwen Stefani has been named the new face of L'Oreal Paris. The 41-year-old rockstar vixen will join Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, as well as…


Rumor Control: Beyonce Is Queen Of Pop, Matt Kemp Defends Rihanna, Antwaun Cook Defends Fantasia

Beyonce covers Self magazine, Billboard label's her "Queen of Pop." [Miss Jia] Mark Wahlberg to produce one hour porn drama for HBO. [Just Jared] Frankie…


Celebrity Tumbles (Pg. 10)

One of Beyonce's signature moves is whipping her weave around like a tornado. She's usually successful but this is one case where…


Beyonce’s Dereon Line Suits Up For Lawsuit

Bad news for Beyonce Knowles and her mother, Tina Knowles in the form of a lawsuit. According to Hong Kong based Vier International, Beyonce's clothing…