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The 20 Smartest TV Shows Since ’93

For VIBE's Big List Issue, we round up the 20 programs that served the most quality brain cuisine since 1993. Reality foolery may give…


The 10 Most Revolutionary Inventions Since ’93

Products that made giant leaps for mankind 1. Apple iPod 2. Truvada (HIV Prevention Pill) 3. Smartphone 4. Debit Card…


The 10 Greatest Haters Since ’93

More from VIBE's Big List Issue... From feeding the flames of petty drama to stealing spotlights, meet pop culture’s greatest antagonists 10. Deric "D.


Hip-Hop’s 10 Most Iconic Whips Since ’93

As part of VIBE's Big List Issue -- where we ranked the 50 Greatest Albums and Top 20 Musical Geniuses Since '93 -- we also…


The 10 Most Game-Changing Athletes Since ’93

VIBE's Big List Issue soldiers on with our ranking of the 10 Most Game-Changing Athletes. These fearless competitors did more than break records. They redefined…

Movies & TV

Larenz Tate Reflects On Iconic ‘Love Jones’ And ‘Menace II Society’ Characters

Larenz Tate dishes a few ingredients that went into cooking his most memorable characters. On Darius in Love Jones The Scene "[Darius and…

Movies & TV

The 12 Most Life-Changing Movies Since ’93

In celebration of VIBE's first Big List Issue, we ranked the Top 20 Geniuses, 50 Greatest Albums and 19 Most Lustable Celebs. Next up, Hollywood.


The 5 Best Moments On Usher’s ‘Confessions’

There’s a sermon-esque moment on "Truth Hurts," where Usher yells: "I gotta testify!" It sums up the story of Confessions nicely. For men, this emotionally…


The 19 Most Lustable Celebs Since ’93

As part of VIBE's Big List Issue, we ran down the most drool-inducing (aka [email protected]) sex symbols of the past 20 years. Get between our…