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Survey Says Latinas Must Work Twice As Hard To Excel… And Water Is Wet

But seriously. Here's a conversation pointing at Latina equality and inclusion in the work place.


Social Media Boycotts Black Friday in Support of Brown Friday

After the disturbing decision the Ferguson grand jury came to Monday social media became a platform for a peaceful protest. In an attempt…


Rick Ross’ 10 Biggest Business Ventures

They don't call him the bawse for nothing. Rick Ross has made stellar power moves since he docked into the musical realm with 2006's Port…


Those Black Emojis You’ve Been Asking For Are Here, But Not Because Of Apple

Lately, several celebrities have voiced their concerns as to why there aren't any black emojis (Miley Cyrus made sure she chimed in…). In response, Apple…


Stevie J. Misses Court and Owes 16 Years of Child Support

Once those Love & Hip Hop checks stop rolling in, you're on you're own. Stevie J--also known as producer Steven Jordan-- is facing warrant for…

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Comcast Buys Time Warner Cable For $45 Billion

Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable are looking to combine their powers and resources, as the former is hoping to shell out $45 billion…


5 Ways Jay-Z Rubbed Off On Beyoncé

Pop-star royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the quintessential power couple. The pop-star moguls have been together since 2002 when Baddie Bey was just…


9 Stars Who’ve Mixed Business With Pleasure

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne’s simulated love-making session in the video for "High School" found the close friends pushing the boundaries of their platonic relationship.
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