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FBI Arrests NYPD Officer in Cannibal Plot to Eat and Kill Women

The FBI has taken a deranged member of the NYPD off the streets.


NJ Man Strips Naked, Defecates In Cop Car and Eats His Own Finger

We thought the zombie apocalypse was a thing of the past, but this latest report may be reviving the cannibalistic "craze."


UPDATE: No Bath Salts Found In Miami Cannibal Attacker’s System

Since that gory report of a Miami man eating off the face of another man last month, bath salts—the drug he was suspected to be…


Louisiana Man Bites off Part of Neighbor’s Face during Argument

A Louisiana man is under fire after attacking his neighbor over a domestic dispute in Lafayette Parish last weekend.


Another Cannibal Eats Man’s Brain and Heart In Maryland

For the purpose of procreation and basic common decency, let's hope cannibalism doesn't become a trend in 2012.


Miami Man Involved in Naked Cannibal Attack Identified

File this under the "WTF?!" category.