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Bruce Jenner Involved In Multiple Car Crash, One Person Reportedly Dead

A three-way car crash occurred on Saturday (Feb. 7), in Malibu, Calif. involving Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner, TMZ reports.


Justin Bieber Crashes After Paparazzi Car Chase

Seems as if Biebs is having as tough a time avoiding paparazzi as his is bad press. The pop star got into a…


Tracy Morgan Update

The most recent news surrounding the tragic car accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition, involves the Walmart truck driver Kevin…

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Gone Too Soon: The 10 Twitter Reactions To Paul Walker’s Passing

This morning fans of actor Paul Walker, who gained fame as an undercover detective in the wildly popular The Fast and the Furious franchise, mourned…


6-Year-Old Crashes Car While Driving To See Dad

While there is an age requirement to get behind the wheel, toddlers seem to always buck the system.


Lil Twist Believed to Be Driving Bieber’s Ferrari During Fatal Accident

New details surrounding the accident that killed a paparazzo trying to snap pics of pop sensation Justin Bieber have just revealed an unlikely name attached…


Massive Long Island Highway Pileup Leaves 1 Dead, 33 Injured

Police reports confirm that on Wednesday afternoon, a tractor-trailer smashed into several vehicles on a major highway, which set off a chain reaction that kiled…


Rapper Tyga Crashes Lamborghini

Instagram is now your leading source for rappers' crashed Lamborghinis. That's thanks to Tyga, who just posted a pic of his Lamborghini crashed about halfway…


Diddy Involved in Serious Car Crash

Bad Boy CEO Sean "Diddy" Combs found himself in a major car wreck after smashing his Escalade into another vehicle outside the Beverly Hills hotel…


Bobbi Kristina and Boyfriend Involved in Accident

A car accident involving Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is currently being investigated.TMZ caught photos of Nick's destroyed 2012 black Camaro, after the two were…


Aspiring Rapper Tweets YOLO, Then Dies In Drunk Driving Car Accident

It's something out of a PSA for drunk driving, or a scene out of the Final Destination films. Above all, it's a tragedy that could…