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Frank Ocean’s Long Awaited ‘Blonde’ Set For No. 1 Debut On Billboard 200

Oddly enough, this will mark Ocean's first #1 album.

Music News

Did Frank Ocean Write A Novel?

One fan searched through Frank's Calvin Klein ad for clues.


10 Great Songs That Weren’t on Frank Ocean’s Debut Album

Happy Birthday Christopher Francis Ocean. The cosmic musical artist turns 27 today and all we can think of are his melodic…


Frank Ocean Fires Management and PR

According to Buzzfeed, Frank Ocean announced that he was taking his career in a new direction and fired his longtime manager, Christian Clancy of 4…


5 Things Frank Ocean Needs To Do On His Sophomore Album

Channel Orange was released in July 2012, which feels like eons ago in the digital age. In a time where we know about a celeb's…


Chipotle Files Lawsuit Against Frank Ocean?

Frank Ocean finds himself on the receiving end of bad press after reportedly backing out of a lucrative endorsement campaign with popular food…


Frank Ocean Being Sued Over Song ‘Lost’?

Frank Ocean's critically acclaimed debut album Channel Orange featured several producers on the 17-track project, including Pharrell and Tyler, the Creator. But the Def Jam…


LISTEN: New Frank Ocean Track “Eyes Like Sky” Surfaces

A new Frank Ocean track has surfaced titled "Eyes Like Sky." It is uncertain if the acoustic, mellow number is an outtake from Ocean's Grammy-winning…


Behind The Scenes: Frank Ocean – “Forrest Gump” (Photos)

When Frank Ocean isn't getting into studio fights with Chris Brown over parking spots, he's doing what he does best—creating art. Check out…
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