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Charles Barkley Still Isn’t Sold On The Golden State Warriors, Compares To 1995-96 Bulls

Charles Barkley is back to criticizing the Golden State Warriors, but will they leave the Chuck-ster with egg on his face again this season?


Charles Barkley Slams CNN And Republicans For Election Coverage

Charles Barkley isn’t one to bite his tongue on any subject and when he was asked about politics during TNT’s airing of the Knicks versus…


Charles Barkley Shades Lebron James And His ‘Trainwreck’ Movie Role

The NBA retiree had some harsh criticsm for Lebron's championship performance this year.


Charles Barkley’s Mother, Charcey Glenn, Passes Away At Age 73

Charcey Glenn, mother of NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, passed away at age 73 of kidney failure, the Jefferson County Medical Examiner's Office says.


NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley To Donate $1 Million To Morehouse College

Charles Barkley is giving back to this prominent HBCU in a major way. The NBA On TNT co-anchor revealed his plans to donate $1 million…


Really Dude? Charles Barkley Thinks Darren Wilson Should Not Have Been Indicted

Charles Barkley had some surprising opinions in regards to the Ferguson's grand jury's decision not to indicte officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike…


Shaq Found The Real Nude Mag Cover That’ll ‘Break The Internet’

Whether or not Kim Kardashian's Krispy Kreme-glazed posterior broke the internet is debatable, but we do know that Shaquille O'Neal has found a cover star…


Charles Barkley On ‘Unintelligent Black People’ Comment: ‘I Stick By What I Said’

Charles Barkley will be the first to admit that he isn't Twitter-savvy, but he was well aware that his recent response to criticism about Seattle…


Charles Barkley Blames ‘Unintelligent’ Black People For Lack Of Success

Charles Barkley took a controversial stand on race this weekend in response to reports that Seattle Seahawks players believe quarterback Russell Wilson is not "black…

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Behind The Scenes Of Charles Barkley & Shaquille O’Neal’s Sport Show ‘Inside The NBA’

As the NBA playoffs are quickly approaching and loyal fans will be supporting their team with or without a victory, HBO Real Sports takes a…


Charles Barkley: Gay Players Have Been My Teammates

Jason Collins has been the subject of much discussion lately after recently becoming the first active athlete to come out as gay. Some praised him…


Charles Barkley The Bulldog Becomes Instagram Star

We all know Charles Barkley for his NBA career and loud mouth, but there's a new "Sir Charles" barking his way around the 'Net.

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5 NBA 2K13 Changes You Can Thank Jay-Z For!

It's been arguably the biggest sports-debate question of the past 10 years: Who is the best basketball game—NBA Live or NBA 2K? Many would say…


Ballin’: Barkley Calls LeBron, Heat Whiners

The way TNT analyst and former NBA legend Charles Barkley sees it LeBron James and the Miami Heat are head and shoulders above practically everyone…


Tracy Morgan On Sarah Palin: ‘She’s Good Masturbation Material’

Tracy Morgan said that Sarah Palin was "good masturbation material" in an extreme act of tmi last night during an appearance on Inside the NBA.
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