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Comedy Week: 20 Comedians To Watch In 2014

We have our comedic icons like Richard Pryor and Jim Belushi, and living legends such as Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld. We’re clear that our…


Stand-Up Guys: Nick Cannon Speaks On Sammy Davis Jr.’s Influence

Nick Cannon is serious about his comedic chops. And as a student of the game, he's studied the greats before him. Here, Mr. Wild…


Laugh Of The Day: Bill Maher’s Politically Correct Love Advice

"You know how they say if you love something you should let it go and see if it comes back? [Amrica should] try that with…


Laugh Of The Day: Roy Wood Jr.’s Color Problem

Roy Wood Jr.: I just moved to L.A. and what they don’t tell you is that the gangs here are still very serious. They…


Digital Cover: Nick Cannon Stars In VIBE’s ‘Comedy Week!’

We got jokes! Today kicks off VIBE's Comedy Week—five days of spotlighting slap-stick funny guys and gals—so run tell that to your boys, your…


Digital Cover (Pt. 2): Nick Cannon Spazzes Out For VIBE’s ‘Comedy Week’

We saw Nick Cannon getting warmed up for the stage in the first digital cover celebrating VIBE's "Comedy Week," now check out a zany…


Comedy Week: Tony Rock Rates Chris Rock’s Funniest Jokes

Rock & ROFL Chris Rock is undoubtedly one of our Kings of Comedy. The Brooklynite is so good (How good is he?) that his own…


A Brief History Of Comedians On Rap Albums

By now, you probably know about some of the most famous comedians who've appeared on rap albums: Chris Rock's hilarious monologue on Kanye West's My…


How Gary Owen Earned His Hood Pass

As a middle-age white dude who courts and caters to black audiences, Gary Owen has cooked up a winning stand-up recipe. Has he truly earned…
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