Connecticut Elementary School Apologizes For Painting Over Obama Mural On Election Day

School administrators denied any malicious intent towards the president.


Family of 6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Survivor Trying to Sue State for $100 Million

The family of a surviving 6-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary School student is attempting to sue the state of Connecticut for a $100 million.


Lanza Family Says Ryan Lanza Facebook Posts Are A Hoax

A poser pretending to be Ryan Lanza, brother of the shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, mourned the 27…


9-Year-Old BK Rapper Makes “Stop Da Violence” Video For Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

In the wake of the dark tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut, a star emerges.


27 People Killed in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

VIBE is deeply saddened to report about a horrific school shooting that took place this morning According to reports, a gunman…


Man Steals Chinese Delivery Car; Proceeds To Make Deliveries

This Connecticut man may be the dumbest thief on the planet.