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‘AfroRazones’ Dips Into The Living, Breathing Oasis Of Afro-Cuban Identity Through Hip-Hop

#AfroRazones creates a space for Afro-Cuban expression, archiving a Cuban manifestation of Black resistance in 2017.


Watch: Cuba’s ‘Reggaeton Revolución’ Prospers In The Face Of Censorship

"We don't have all the resources, but we can do a lot with very little."


Cubans Can Now Access The Internet At Home

Cubans can finally enjoy surfing the web from their living rooms.


“Before Night Falls” Series Captures Cuba’s Hidden Queer Scene

"[Somebody] could just be selling fruits and vegetables during the day for a living, and then can turn into a queen of the evening on…


A Rare Opera On Cuba’s First National Hero Is En Route To Havana

Hatuey: Memory of Fire premieres on March 3.


Cuban Women Challenge Their Government With First Female Boxing Team

While Cuba is home to more Olympic boxing medals than any other country, officials aren't quite looking for the next Félix Savón or Julio Cesar La Cruz…


Major Lazer’s Historic Cuba Concert Takes Center In Sundance Film Festival Documentary

The film promises to tackle Cuba's burgeoning youth movement amid exhilarating performance footage.


President Obama Ends “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Policy For Cubans

The decision eliminates a decades-long policy that many believed gave preferential treatment to one set of migrants.


Enrique Iglesias Finally Films His New Music Video In Cuba

Enrique Iglesias was finally able to take to the island of Cuba to film the video of his upcoming single, "Súbeme la radio (Turn Up the Radio)",…


Camila Cabello Talks Championing Latino Rights With Lena Dunham

"Now and forevermore, I'm going to stick up for immigrants and I'm going to stick up for Hispanic people and their rights."


5 Things We Learned From Juan De Marcos’ Hot 97 Interview

Afro-Cuban All Star Juan de Marcos González stopped by the hip-hop station for an eye-opening chat.


Daymé Arocena Connects Cuba With New Orleans On “Mambo Na’Mà”

The singer's latest offering speaks to her ever-growing palette of influences.


Cuba Grants Fidel Castro’s Wish With New Law

Cuba's National Assembly honored the late leader's denunciation of a personality cult.


Misty Copeland Goes To Cuba And Speaks Ballet With Other Black And Brown Dancers

"There’s this stigma in classical ballet that brown people don’t belong."
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