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Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Casts Oswald Cobblepot, Alfred Pennyworth And More

Over the weekend, Fox announced three new mainstays for their Gotham program.


Ohio Man Arrested in ‘Dark Knight’ Movie With Loaded Guns

Ohio news stations are reporting another arrest related to The Dark Knight.

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Warner Helped ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Box Office Results Stay Private

Over the weekend Warner Bros. let the public know they made the decision to hold off on official box office results for the The Dark…


Colorado: 14 Dead After Mass Shooting During Batman Movie

AURORA, Colorado (AP) – A gunman opened fire early Friday at a Colorado movie theater on the opening night of the latest Batman movie, killing…

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Watch ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Trailer

With its July 20 release date drawing near, The Dark Knight Rises gives you one last glimpse into its storyline with the latest and final…