In A Perfect World: 50 Cent Stars In Disney’s ‘Air Bud’

Oh, that Jimmy Kimmel, and his spoofs...


VIBE VIXEN’s Funniest Grammy Memes

As you know by now, social media has no chill: ever! With this year’s Grammy’s going off pretty drama free, you’d think the Twittersphere would…


Dog Buries Puppy: Viral Video “Dog Buries Puppy” Will Make You Cry

"Dog buries puppy" is almost too sad to fathom, but the video has gone viral in a big way.


“World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest: Vote For Your Favorite

"World's Ugliest Dog" is not exactly the title you'd want for your pooch, but for some, "World's Ugliest Dog" is better than "Best In Show."


Dog Swallows 111 Pennies And Survives

A 13-year old Russell Terrier named Jack made himself a doggy bank when he ate 111 pennies, a dangerous feat that left him hospitalized.


Dog Shoots Owner While Riding Shotgun

Who let this dog out? Florida native Gregory Dale Lanier was injured last Friday (Feb. 22) when his dog reportedly shot him in the leg.


‘Gay’ Dog Saved: Pooch Rescued From Certain Death!

A 'gay' dog saved thanks to Facebook? Who knew the site was for more than stalking old friends?


Secret Service Dog Dies After Falling From Rooftop

On Saturday night, Tragedy hit the Secret Service family after a trusted canine fell to its death while doing a sweep of a multi-story parking…


Michael Vick Owns A Dog Again

We all remember what happened the last time Michael Vick had a dog... but alas, he has a pooch to call his own again.


Grandfather Wrestles Alligator to Save Pet Dog

Never underestimate a man's love for his best friend.


Super Dog Saves Drowning Baby

Dog really is man's best friend.


‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Series Gets The Ax

Reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is getting the ax.

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World’s Potentially Tiniest Pup Named ‘Beyonce’

Move over, Blue Ivy. There’s another baby B who may be (do we dare say) cuter than thee. The 4-oz and two-week-old teacup pup Beyonce…