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Trump Administration Extends Temporary Protected Status Program For 58,000 Haitians

Let's hope the Haitian community continues to get the help they need.


Trump Is Planning To Cut Medicaid By $800 Billion Affecting 14 Million Americans

14 million Americans are expected to lose coverage under Trump's full budget plan.


Barack Obama Allegedly Said Donald Trump Was “Nothing But A Bullsh**ter”

On the campaign trail, Obama referred to Trump as "temperamentally unfit" and "unqualified" to serve as the President of the United States.


U.S. And Mexican Skaters Kick-Push Against Trump In ‘Build Ramps Not Walls’ Film

“The wall is scary, and the ramp could be scary too, but it doesn’t take people apart."


Dave Chappelle Reportedly Apologizes For Asking People To Give Donald Trump A Chance

Record-breaking comedian Dave Chappelle stands firm behind some of his most controversial statements, but it looks like he had a change of heart concerning Donald…

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Interview: The Lucas Brothers Talk The War On Drugs & Why The Rock Would Be The Perfect President

The potential black futurists shelve out plenty of truths in their Netflix special, On Drugs and give VIBE the perfect reason why Dwanye Johnson can rule…

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Condoleezza Rice On Donald Trump: “Look, We Have A Different Kind Of President”

The former Secretary of State stopped by The View to promote her new book Democracy, and also talk about the time she literally stood up to Vladimir…


Donald Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

Comey was appointed by Barack Obama in 2013.

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We Really Wish This Viral Video Of A Girl Checking Donald Trump Was Real

The widely shared clip is actually a skit from the Comedy Central series "The President Show."


There’s A Chance Portions Of Trump’s Border Wall Will Be Built By Latinos

During a press briefing Wednesday (May 3), press secreatry Sean Spicer shared materials for the wall, or rather a fence, are currently being made in…
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