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50 Cent Donates $5,000 To The St. Louis Area Foodbank In Ferguson

50 Cent is giving back to the community of Ferguson, Mo. in a major way. The Queens rapper announced his donation of $5,000.50 to…


10 EDM Inspired Charitable Acts

The popularity of DJ culture has has made its way from basement parties to arenas faster then 140 BPMs, and members of the scene –…


Rihanna Donates 1.75 Million to Barbados Hospital in Honor of Gran Gran Dolly

In honor of her late grandmother, Rihanna has donated 1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados, according to the Associated Press. During a Saturday ceremony,…


The Goods: Wyclef & mGive Raise $5 Million For Haiti Through Texting

Text messaging has gotten a bad rap. And between all the folks texting at school, texting at work, texting behind the wheel, there’s probably a…


Tyler Perry Donates $1 Million to NAACP

With Thanksgiving approaching, Tyler Perry has started the spirit of giving and saying thanks in the right way--donating $1 million to the NAACP.