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Research Reveals Community College Is More Useful Than You Thought

When it comes to higher education, we’ve all heard the talking point: More people than ever are pursuing four-year degrees. At the same time, college…


Rachel Jeantel Finally Earns Her High School Diploma

Rachel Jeantel, one of Trayvon Martin's good friends and a witness during his famous case graduated with her highschool diploma. She was criticized…


Vixen Vent: Honorary Degrees Are Unfair

Honorary degrees are at an all time high this year and it’s starting to grind my gears. As a college graduate who suffered through…


Vixen Education: Homeless DC Teen Gets Full Ride to George Town University

DC-native Rashema Melson proves that adversity only makes you stronger. The 18-year-old high school student recently received news that she's been awarded a full scholarship…


Vixen Education: Eighth-Grader From Brooklyn Becomes Published Author

Thirteen-year-old Angela Content can officially call herself a published author. The Brooklyn native is an eighth-grader and definitely an inspiration. In an interview…


Vixen Vent: Black People Are Expected to Fail in Education

I'm concerned the media is getting too much of a ride out of the recent academic successes of the youth in the black…


Vixen Education: Oakland Teen Has 5.0 GPA, 2100 SAT Score

The hood raised him, but academics shaped him. A 17-year-old Oakland high school senior is raising eyebrows and challenging stereotypes as he receives…


Adrienne Bailon Visits NYC School for ‘Read Across America Day’

Giving back never looked so adorable. The beautiful and multi-talented Adrienne Bailon, surprised first graders at Beekman Hill International School  last…


’12 Years a Slave’ to be Added to Public High School Curriculums [Photos]

  Cinema is just one art form that can be used to not only entertain, but to educate, so we're especially excited…


Black Women Ahead of All Groups in College Enrollment Statistics

  Finally a story mainstream headline about black women that has nothing to do with  Being Mary Jane or reality TV. As Black…


Downgrading for Love: New Study Shows That Women Are ‘Marrying Down’

  Would you downgrade for love?  A new study shows an increasing amount of women are now tying the knot with men…


Watch: Things That Might Surprise You About Molly

In the aftermath of the tragedies experienced at this year's Electric Zoo, government officials and concert promoters are seeking out options that will prevent such…


Lupe Fiasco Trashes “Terrible” Chicago School System In Graduation Speech

Lupe Fiasco served a dose of reality to a group of young, black men during a high school graduation speech in Chicago.


30 Signs You Went to a Black College

Sound so smart, like you graduated college. Like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard. —Shani O. Hilton…


Why Is Voting In This Year’s Presidential Election So Important?

The nation is buzzing with anxiousness now that the presidential debates have come to an end and Election Day draws near. For the past month,…


Bookworm Chic: Celebrity Women Who Went Back to School

For many of our favorite celebrities like Drake, school was often put on the back burner for a career that ended up taking over their…


Afrika Bambaataa Named Visiting Scholar To Cornell University

This is what happens when you mix rapology with Ivy League education!


Higher Education! 8 Smart Rappers Who Went To College

The North Carolina native’s ability to translate his work into gold stems from his days as an undergrad on academic scholarship at St. John’s University…


Fail Of The Day: Mother Forces Son To Stand On Highway Holding Sign Saying Grades Suck

A frustrated Florida mother made her son stand on the highway holding a sign that announced his 1.2 gpa and told passersby to honk if…