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Donald Trump’s Children Stage An Obama Intervention

The Donald should have one resolution for 2013: keep his opinions to himself. His children seem to agree. Details after the jump.

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Could Actress Ashley Judd Be Running For Senate?

The former Kentuckian and longtime actress is considering a run for office. Is she serious, or is she just making headlines? You be the judge…

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Romney’s President-Elect Website Goes Live After Lost

Romney is somewhere on a private island filing paperwork to trademark "Romnesia," so that next time something like THIS happens he can get a check.


10 After-Voting Things You Can Do In NYC

New York, it's been quite an adventure and it all culminates with today's presidential elections. Whether you're voting for the guy on the left or…

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VIDEO: David Letterman Puts Donald Trump On Blast!

The Donald appears to be milking every last nanosecond out of his latest ploy for media attention.

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Obama Campaign Jazzes Up Slogan!

The President and his campaign are looking to spruce things up a bit by adding a subtle change to their re-election slogan. See what it…

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Obama Criticizes Richard Mourdock’s Abortion Comments

President Barack Obama continued his ground game attack by hitting up "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to condemn recent statements made about women's "social…

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WWII Vet Dies At 93 After Casting Last Vote

A World War II veteran who inspired millions across many generations with his determination to vote even though he had end-stage liver cancer died Wednesday.

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Colin Powell Endorses President Barack Obama Again

Thursday morning found Americans seeing just who from the former Bush administration will be voting for in this year's presidential election. Former Secretary of State…

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Condoleezza Rice Speaks On Women’s “Social Issues”

Condoleezza Rice threw her opinions into the hat during an appearance on "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren" Thursday night. While on the FOX…
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