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FBI Investigating The Death of A Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Mississippi

Local authorities and the FBI are investing the suspicious death of an African-American Mississippi man found hanging from a tree.


Insane Clown Posse Files Lawsuit Against F.B.I.

It looks like The Insane Clown Posse and street gangs aren't that different after all, at least not in the eyes of the FBI.


Whitney Houston FBI Files Show “Crazy Fans” Plagued The Pop Star

The FBI has released Whitney Houston's protection files, and it's clear the deceased songstress had some strange fans.


Father of Terror Suspect Claims FBI “Brainwashed” His Son

The father of an Oregon terror suspect says his then-teenage son suffered an identity crisis after the FBI brainwashed him.


Die Hard Director Faces Prison Time for Lying

Things aren't looking good for "Die Hard" director John McTiernan. The Supreme Court just rejected the 62-year-old's appeal on charges that he lied to the…


Kris Humphries Calls FBI Against Girlfriend

Befuddled relationships seem to be a never-ending trend for Kris Humphries. He earned the title as Kim Kardashian's ex-husband after being married for…


FBI and the Justice Department Investigate Travyon Martin Shooting

The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are now investigating the death of Trayvon Martin who was killed by a neighborhood watch captain in…