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Florida Lawmakers Expected To Revise Stand Your Ground Bill

The new bill will reportedly make it easier for defendants to use it.


Kodak Black Releases Politically-Charged “Tunnel Vison” Video

Kodak Black sheds more light on racism.


After Leaving Bruises On A 5-Year-Old, Man Says He Was Unaware That It’s ‘Illegal To Whoop’ A Child

According to police officials, Murdock used an excessive amount of force as a result of disciplining the little girl for "acting out in school."


Florida Police Seize 5,500 Packs Of Heroin Featuring Donald Trump’s Face

The president who wants to deport illegal immigrants finds his face on a very illegal substance. Ha, We say. Ha!


Florida Pastor Flees House Naked After Being Caught Cheating

The pastor was recorded apologizing to the congregation for adultry.


According To Court Documents, Teen Who Was Kidnapped Reportedly Knew About Her Abduction

Court documents state 18 year-old Alexis Manigo knew about her kidnapping


Teen Abducted As A Newborn Speaks Out On Her Kidnapper

The 18-year-old speaks out for the first time.


Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Leaves Multiple Dead And Wounded

At least five people have been pronounced dead.


Florida High School Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Send Black Student Back To Africa

John Sousa was placed on administrative leave after allegedly telling black students "Don't let me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa."


Tamara James, Former WNBA Player, Becomes Mayor Of Florida Hometown

After a fruitful career on the hardwood, former Washington Mystics player, Tamara James, plans to take her talents back to her hometown as mayor.


Florida Man Reportedly Bites Hole In A Woman’s Chin After She Refused His Sexual Advances

The unidentified victim declined Satahoo's sexual advances twice, which led him to physically assault the 29-year-old.


A Desperate Trump Tries To Rally Latino Votes In Florida

"We are going to win Florida and we are going to win the White House."
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