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The Bronx’s Flyest Chefs Are Combining Food And Activism

Ghetto Gastro's dishes are an ode to Black lives and their beloved borough.


A Mexican Eatery Serves Haitian Food To Accommodate Refugees

It is the first eatery to serve Haitian food in Mexico's history.


Here’s A List Of Places Where Kanye West Likes To Eat

Yeezus has been known to spend his coins at these restaurants.


10 Superfoods To Help You Shed Those Holiday Pounds

Did the holidays get the best of you? Need a boost in changing your diet to drop a few of those extra pounds…


Stream And Download Rocko’s New Mixtape ‘Food’

Just when you thought that you've had enough food on Thanksgiving, rapper Rocko has more servings for you. The ATL MC offers up his Food…


On Fleek? Food Brands That Used Rap Slang To Flourish

Are food brands getting a bad rap for trying to be down? A few scrolls through Twitter show that Taco Bell, Denny's Diner and iHop…


Vixen Verified: A Week-Long Vegan Cleanse to Try

You've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, slowing down on eating snacks and treats and even making sure you aren't eating meals too late,…


11 Reasons to Go Vegetarian

  Are you a meat eater looking for something new to try? How about going vegetarian for a week? Not only…


Pharrell Now Has A Burger Named After Him In Japan

Pharrell can now humblebrag about being a food item. The Oscar-nominated beatsmith teamed up with longtime friend and Bathing Ape clothing line creator, Nigo, to…


13 Yummy and Simple Dishes for a Summer Picnic

Summer isn't complete without a picnic with great friends and good food. Every year, we look forward to having a nice little gathering…


8 Healthy Foods for Vixens On the Go

Sometimes eating healthy foods can be hard for us Vixens on the go. School and work make things stressful and stress leads to bad…


15 Must Have Recipes for a BBQ

With the warmest season in session, we all expect to get our grub on at a lot of backyard barbecues. Instead of settling for…


10 Foods That Are Beneficial for Your Lady Parts

When is the last time you gave your lady parts some TLC? We're not talking about Brazilian waxes or dressing them up Victoria's…


Watch: Kelis Performs ‘Rumble’ on CONAN

Kelis is on a mission to feed your earbuds. Last night, she took her savory FOOD single "Rumble" to the CONAN stage. She…
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