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Pirro also called liberals “whiny” and expressed her content for the ironic hashtag, #BoycottHamilton. More »


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It’s safe to say the Fox News correspondent had diarrhea of the mouth. More »

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Fox Face Off correspondents Angela Box and Quannel X went toe-to-toe to debate the the events at Spring Valley High School. More »

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“I think it’s a disgrace that they’re getting away with it.” More »


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Back for the Carters again, Bill O’Reilly is accusing the entire Black Lives Matter of spreading anarchy throughout the United States. More »

The President isn’t here for unnecessay propaganda. More »

Protester To Geraldo Rivera: ‘I Want You And Fox News To Get Out Of Baltimore’

This Baltimore protester had it up to HERE with Fox News and their “reporting.” Watch as he confronts Geraldo Rivera and demands he leave the city. More »


Kobe Bryant and the Lakers became the latest NBA players to take a stand for Eric Garner with “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts last night (Dec. 9). Joining the… More »

Killer Mike is definitely in the lead for most awesome person ever. … More »

Someone please escort this wayward soul to the nearest stadium so he can have several seats!

Fox News Contributor (you know it had to be them) Keith Ablow… More »


It’s always something with Stacey Dash. In her latest appearance as a culture analyst on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” segment, her fellow hosts asked her to chime in on celebrities comparing… More »

Fox News Says Hillary Clinton Will Need Single Women AKA ‘Beyonce Voters’

To say a lot was going on this week would be an understatement. We just had to talk about all the fabulousness and foolery going on in pop… More »


Yesterday (May 28), the Vice President of Programming at Fox News Bill Shine announced that Stacey Dash would be joining Fox News as the culture contributor. The 47-year… More »

Earlier in the month, rumors swirled that Stacey Dash would be taking her conservative opinions to FOX News. Today, it has been officially confirmed that the Clueless actress will be… More »