Looks like Twitter could use a glass of cold water. More »


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In a series of Instagram posts, Tank aims his frustration at Tyrese over TGT’s break up. More »

It looks like one of R&B’s supergroups is calling it quits. More »

Is Ginuwine Bankrupt And Divorcing? The Singer Clears The Air

In the book of finances, Ginuwine is reportedly approaching the dreaded Chapter 11. According to the R&B singer’s lawyer, he’s “very close to declaring bankruptcy.” … More »


Ginuwine—real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin—rarely talks about his personal situations but in light of these bankruptcy and divorce rumors, he has much to say.

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Happy Birthday to both Ginuwine and Eric Benét.  Eric Benét turns 47-years-old today and Ginuwine turns 43-years-old, but they’re both looking as young as we remember them. We all… More »

Some R&B isn’t very easy on the ears. You know, the songs that you have to turn off when the kids come around or have a clean version that… More »


Two things are certain when it comes to Tank– ladies love him and men appreciate his music.  In addition to crafting chart topping hits, the multitalented artist… More »

Tank is getting upbeat to profess his love for his lady.

On the eve of Spring, 1/3 of TGT releases his latest single, “You’re My Star”. More »


The 90’s birthed a myriad of dance crazes, but none were quite as scandalous as Ginuwine’s grind in “Pony.” MTV’s new… More »


TGT had the twitter world on fire last night (August 19). VIBE Vixen—along with singers Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank— hosted a  live streaming session of their new album, ThreeMore »

Watch TGT preview their album 3 Kings with VIBE Vixen here.

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Want to chat with TGT? Here’s your chance, Vixens!

Join us tonight (August 19) at 11pm as we take over TGT’s album release party. An hour… More »


Ladies love TGT.

Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank (TGT) are taking music into their own hands as they serenade ladies around the US while on tour. Now… More »

New Video: TGT ‘I Need’

New Video: TGT ‘I Need’