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Guest Editor Bill Bellamy Shares His Thoughts on Staying Relevant

Guest editor Bill talks about taking necessary sabbaticals, the state of music, and how he survived the test of time.


Guest Editor Bill Bellamy Reveals 5 Things on His Christmas List

The holidays may be prime time for family gatherings but with the good tidings come a chorus of "gimme, gimme's" for Santa. Guest editor Bill…


Phone Jack: Bill Bellamy Shows Us His Cell Phone Pics

Guest editor Bill Bellamy shares some of his personal flicks. Scroll through the snapshots to get a sneak peek into his life. Bill…


Waka Flocka Takes Over!

Waka Flocka Says: "I want to see some new niggas on the cover of VIBE. The real—new generation. The artists that people are really listening…


Waka Flocka Talks ‘Triple F Life’ Collabos: Nicki Minaj, Bun B, Flo-Rida and More

Before he finished out his day as's 'Guest Editor For A Day,' Waka Flocka played a few of his favorite tracks from his upcoming…


Guest Editor: Waka Flocka Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Waka Flocka may portray a wildboy lifestyle but he's really just looking for a Southern bell to call his own. In a revealing moment, Flocka…


Guest Editor: Waka Flocka Breaks Down ‘Triple F Life’ Title

Waka Flocka dishes on his upcoming album, Triple F Life. "My fans always wanted me to mingle with people in the industry but I was…


Guest Editor: Waka Flocka Doesn’t Read Gossip Blogs, Hates Reality TV

Guest Editor Waka Flocka explains why he doesn't read gossip blogs…


Waka Flocka Guest Editor Intro

Waka Flocka Guest Editor Intro…
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