Remy Boy Monty Serenades “Her” The New Jersey Way

The Remy Boy rolls out a new music video.


Computer Love: 7 Rappers Who Could’ve Starred In ‘Her’

iPhone owners love Siri. But Spike Jonze takes that A.I. infatuation to the next level in his curious new sci-fi romance Her (in theaters everywhere…

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Spike Jonze’s Award-Nominated ‘Her’ Is In Theaters This Friday

With the Golden Globes just around the corner, Spike Jonze's highly appreciated and wonderfully created film, HER, is slated to reach audiences this Friday. Will…


Bic ‘For Her’ Pens Cause Commotion

Bic, one of the most well known pen manufacturers in the world has come under fire for a new line it recently introduced.