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Colombia Takes Major Strides In The Pursuit Of Marriage Equality

Colombia's constitutional court rules in a favor for the legalization of gay marriage.


Vixen Vent: The Media Is Forcing Homosexuality On Us

Why does a gay football player suddenly become a hero for kissing his boyfriend? Since when did being gay become a publication? Recently, I’ve…


Gentlemen’s Corner: Gary Gray Talks Playing a Gay Man and Working Alongside Mo’Nique in ‘Blackbird’

Whether you recognize his face from beloved sitcom (The Cosby Show, Even Stevens) or his voice from your favorite childhood cartoons (The Fairly Oddparents, Rocket Power), there is no…

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Actress Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay

Oscar nominated actress Ellen Page recently came out as a lesbian over the weekend at a Las Vegas conference for gay teens.


Barney’s NY Casts Transgender Models in Spring ’14 Campaign

  Barney's New York is making headlines again, but this time for being radical, not racist. The luxury department store released its…

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YouTube Star Antoine Dodson Renounces His Homosexuality

The flamboyant YouTube star renounced his association to homosexuality and, once again, got in front of the media to discuss "praying the gay" away. Antoine…


Chris Broussard Defends His Comments About Jason Collins And Homosexuality On ‘The Breakfast Club’ (Audio)

ESPN sports analyst and senior editor for ESPN The Magazine Chris Broussard didn't hold back when recently speaking his mind about Jason Collins coming out.


Uganda Wants Vote On “Kill The Gays” Bill

Uganda's Speaker of the Parliament not only supports the country's controversial "Kill the Gays" bill, but she wants to force a vote on the issue.

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VIDEO: Watch Mitt Romney Awkwardly Confront A Gay Veteran

The awkwardness of the GOP knows no bounds.


Frank Ocean’s Mama Responds to Her Son’s Revelation on Twitter

From The Jasmine Brand--Frank Ocean’s mother is proud that her son had the courage to be open and honest to the world about…


Would You Date A Bisexual?

From UPTOWN--Here’s a test. Walk into a room of eligible, attractive, educated, single black men and women. Show them a picture of their dream…


Jonathan Plummer on Marriage To Terry And Making Amends As An Ex (Pg. 2)

Regarding you and Terry's marriage, there is still a segment of the population that believes you always knew you were gay, and that you married…

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Terry McMillian’s Ex Jonathan Plummer Talks New Web Show, Gay Outings and Terry

Terry McMillian’s ex husband Jonathan Plummer is no stranger to controversy, but these days he’s quietly reinvented himself post scandal of being the outed gay…