How to Make it in America

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HBO Cancels ‘How To Make It in America,’ ‘Hung’ and ‘Bored to Death’

As bizarre and upsetting as this random axe move was, HBO will be not be bringing back original series "Hung," "How to Make It in…

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Peep This: ‘How To Make It In America’ Season 2 Teaser, Music By Theophilus London

Theophilus London's new song "I Stand Alone" debuted this past weekend on HBO in the teaser clip for Season 2 of How To Make It…

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Pardon The Introduction: Entourage’s Music Supervisor Scott Vener

Days before the season six finale of HBO's Entourage, the man behind the music talks soundtracking the lives of Vince, Ari, E, Drama and Turtle …