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Khloe Kardashian Details Marriage To Lamar, And Current Relationship With James Harden

Despite the cheating that took place during their four year marriage, Khloe Kardashian maintains Lamar Odom is still a good guy.


Stern To Replace Fallon? Late Night Shuffle May Be Imminent

Is Howard Stern going to replace Jimmy Fallon?

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Model Heidi Klum To Join ‘America’s Got Talent’ As A Judge

Willkommen, America's Got Talent!

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50 Cent vs. Howard Stern… Again! (Video)

During yet another trip through the hot seat with Howard Stern, 50 Cent had to field questions on everything from never reuniting with the Game,…


Anna Nicole Smith’s Home Sold

Six years after her death, Anna Nicole Smith's home has been sold.


The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Photos: Amber Rose, Swizz Beatz and More

What do you get when a mash-up of legends congregate in overlapping locations? VIBE's round-up of the week's best photos on the Internets! We'll make…


The Game Sits Down With Howard Stern

With The Game's Jesus Piece album on the verge of release, the Compton rapper stopped by The Howard Stern show to talk about his new…


Today In WTF News: Howard Stern Holds Queefing Championships (Video NSFW)

It's Howard Stern, we probably shouldn't have expected anything more. And the women involved are mothers and career women. Wow.
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