Flee Or Die: The Dilemma Central American Refugees Face Seeking Asylum In The U.S.

When escaping persecution in their home countries, Central American migrants often have nowhere to run.


Haitians Flee To Brazil To Escape Turbulence On Their Island

In 2015, the Brazilian government granted residency to almost 44, 000 Haitians.


John Legend & Juanés Take A Stand For Detained Immigrants

John Legend and Juanés sing to detainee immigrants outside an Arizona jail.


Over 43,000 Haitians To Gain Permanent Residency

Haitian migrants find refuge in Brazil.


A Texas Mother Calls Out A Geography Textbook Publisher For Referring To Slaves As “Workers”

A Texas mother called out a high school textbook company for referring to slaves as "workers."


Obama Outlines New Immigration Plan Which Will Target ‘Felons Not Families’

In a televised address to the nation, President Barack Obama unveiled an expansive new executive order to hopefully begin to mend the nation's broken immigration…


Kat Stacks to Be Deported, Mother Asks for Help

After spending two years in a Louisiana jail, Kat Stacks is set to be deported back to her native country of Venezuela.


Shyne is Officially Deported, Back in Belize

Shyne was officially deported to Belize on Wednesday (October 28), taken directly from holding to the airport in New York, where he flew to his…


Shyne Will Be Deported

After spending extra time in the slammer, it looks like Shyne will be coming home after all... to his native country Belize.


Shyne’s Father Reached Out NY Governor For Deportation Pardon

Shyne was supposed to be released from prison last week after serving nine years for a 1999 nightclub shooting in New York City. However, things…


Shyne Says Diddy Convo Never Happened

While Diddy says he's spoken to Shyne recently and they're cool, the former Bad Boy rapper says the talk was "a figment of Sean Combs'


Shyne Released From Prison? Not so Fast, Says Immigration Officials

Shyne was set to be released from prison on Tuesday (October 6), yet he's still on hold pending citizenship review.