iPhone 5


iPhone Rumor: iPhone 5S and 5C Reveal Slated for September

Start saving up now. According to tech insiders Apple will be revealing their new iPhones come Sept. 10.


New iPhone Releasing This Summer For Real (Maybe)

The latest news about the next generation iPhone comes from an actual credible source this time. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is gearing…


iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Available For Upload

After teasing a possible Super Bowl release last week, it seems that iOS users hoping to get a brand new jailbreak don't have to wait…


PHOTO: Gold & Co. Offers iPhone 5 in 24-Karat Gold

Millions of people waited, reserved and anticipated the iPhone 5, and it has become exceeding difficult to make yours stand out from the pack...until now!


Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps App Frustration

Even Apple's CEO admits the company is not perfect.


Watch The Ultimate iPhone 5 Prank (Video)

People do the darndest things!


iPhone 5 Buyers Beware: Smartphone Related Theft on The Rise

Jane* was walking up Gates Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, after a long day of work. With her iPhone 4S cupped to her ears as…


Samsung Disses Apple’s iPhone 5 In New Ad

Samsung may have lost the patent battle against Apple, but that doesn't mean it has lost the Digital War.


iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sell Two Million Units In One Day

Leave it to Apple to break its own records.


First Look At The New iPhone 5

And now the moment that all Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for.


What To (Possibly) Expect From The New iPad Mini

September 12th can't come any sooner. That's when the game-changing Apple press event will take place—announcing the iPhone 5 and possibly other products.


iPhone 5 To Drop Next Month?

Consumers are anxiously waiting the release of the iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 To Have Longer-Lasting Battery?

The iPhone 5 may be getting battery with a larger capacity!


New iPhone 5 Images Are Fake

New images of the alleged iPhone 5 have popped on a Chinese tech blog causing many experts to weigh in on the authenticity of the…


Liquid Metal to Be Used in iPhone 5?

Apple developers may have come across a new technology for the upcoming iPhone 5.To combat one of the biggest flaws of the smartphone: the delicate…


Apple Rumored To Be Releasing iPhone 5 Next Month

As the anticipation intensifies, rumors have surfaced of the iPhone 5's official release date. Insiders say October 4th will be the big day. Whispers have…


Apple iPhone 5 Launch Expected In Third Quarter

Via Mashable: Apple’s next-generation iPhone will launch in the third quarter. The company plans to ship 25 million units by year’s end, according to a…