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Jackson Family Reality Series Coming To Reelz

The Jacksons' bubble is set to burst as Reelz gears up for a new reality TV series on the mysterious family.


Jackson Family Issues Statement Against Executors of Michael’s Will

Following weeks of emotional turmoil, the Jackson family has finally broken their silence.


Janet Jackson Denies Abusing Paris

The Jackson family has experienced a lot of drama in the last few weeks. After TMZ reported Janet Jackson slapped her niece Paris…


The Jackson Family Drama Continues…

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Chris Brown Urges The Jacksons to End Family Feud

After recent news of drama transpiring within the Jackson family, Chris Brown took to Twitter to voice his concern.


Jackson Family Deserves Justice in Fight Over Michael Jackson’s Estate

The scathing letter from five of Michael Jackson’s disinherited siblings claiming that the singer’s will is "Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent"– leaked exclusively to Celebuzz –…