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‘New York Post’ Columnist Slams Jaden & Willow Smith For… Being Themselves

The 'New York Post' has reached a new level of bigotry.


Here’s What Will Smith Really Thinks Of Jaden’s Womenswear And “Aunt Viv” Janet Hubert

Will Smith talks the hot topics in this very candid interview on BBC Radio.


“Hero Of A New Generation:” Jaden Smith Stars In Louis Vuitton’s ‘The Heroine’

Jaden Smith premieres pieces for Louis Vuitton's upcoming season in short video.


Jaden Smith Is The New Face Of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 Womenswear Campaign

Jaden Smith is fulfilling his fashion destiny and taking his daring approach to apparel to Louis Vuitton.


Will Smith Admits He Also Didn’t Care For Jaden’s Batman Costume

The Concussion actor said spoke with his son but couldn't get him to change his attire.


Does Jaden Smith Look Like “Scarface” In His New Video?

Jaden drops a new music video, leaving a few unanswered questions.


Here’s Jaden Smith’s Affinity For Batman Suits Explained

Does a Batman suit make you feel braver? 


Only On Camera: 8 Rappers Who Need Their Own Reality Show

Imagine a weekly dosage of Drake on your flat screen

Movies & TV

It Looks Like Jaden Smith Is Set To Play ‘Static Shock’

Jaden Smith's superhero costume might make a lot more sense soon.


Of Course Jaden Smith Dressed Up As A Superhero For Prom…

Jaden Smith DGAF, and girls love it.

Movies & TV

Jaden Smith Will Tickle Our Funny Bones In New HBO Comedy ‘Brothers In Atlanta’

Jaden Smith is coming to a TV set near you.

Music News

Broccoli City Festival Was Proof That Jada Pinkett Smith Has The Cool Mom Thing Down Pat

Jada Pinkett Smith parties it up on stage with her kids at Washington, D.C.'s Broccoli City Festival.


Jaden Smith Has A New ‘Offering’ For Fans

Jaden releases another introspective record.


Stream Jaden Smith’s Surprise EP ‘This Is The Album’

This past work week saw Jaden Smith surprise his fans with a new three-song EP titled This Is The Album. Produced entirely by Daniel D’artiste,…


What Exactly Is Jaden Smith ‘Passionate’ About In His New Song?

Between Willow and Jaden, the Smith kids are slowly but surely planning to takeover our iTunes queues.


Sony Executives Threw Shade At Willow And Jaden Smith Too

Hide your kids, hide your wife, Sony execs are shading everybody out here.

Album Reviews

Review: Jaden Smith Is The Poster Boy For New-Age Adolescence On ‘CTV2’

"Because your mind has a duality to it. So when one thought goes into your mind, it’s not just one thought, it has to bounce…


10 Quotes From Jaden and Willow Smith’s Joint Interview That Had Us Saying, “Huh?”

We really adore Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's teenage children. Especially since the pair are in a different zone mentally and creatively for their…


Jaden Smith Dropped His Album ‘CTV2’ In The Most Jaden Smith Way Possible

By now, it’s clear that Jaden Smith makes his own (very weird, and very cool) rules. Will and Jada’s 16-year-old son keep the march to…


Jaden Smith Gets More Radio Friendly On New Single ‘Fire’

Jaden Smith has opted for a more radio friendly single with his newest track "Fire"
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